engineering solutions for process intensification and electrification

supporting the development of advanced material and chemical processing systems

Large Area Ion Implantation

Linear ion source capable of 20mA/cm^2 beam current at 60kV ion energies. Used for production of durable anti-reflection surfaces and other large area substrate processing.

Microwave assisted reactor hardware

High pressure, high temperature microwave systems for continuous flow and semi-batch processing. Supporting ammonia production, liquid chemical processing, and many other bio and petro-chemical applications.

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sairem microwave and rf sales support

North American sales and application support team for SAIREM Microwave/RF products. Contact us for pricing and technical assistance. Visit our lab for on-site demos, training, and application support.

Engineering hardware and process development

Engineering service provider with broad experience in materials science related applications. In-house PVD/CVD processing facilities and thin film analysis tools

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